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Get your team setup right for your workstyle personas

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Poly has been studying workstyle evolution for nearly a decade. In January 2021 we completed our latest round of personas research. The study surveyed more than 5 000 enterprise workers across eight different countries. This is what we learned:

1. Work location will be more flexible in the future: The workforce was already starting to work more flexibly pre-Covid-19 (compared to our 2017 research), and users expect the flexibility to continue post-Covid-19.

2. Home is the new office for many, but not everyone has a dedicated space to work or the right set of technology to be their most productive at home.

3. Covid-19 has led to a rapid growth of conference calls and video meetings. Forty-two percent of global workstyles reported daily use of video pre-Covid-19. That number jumped to 63% during Covid-19. Some personas are still reluctant to use conferencing technology.

What are workstyle personas and why are they important?

Work is no longer a place. It’s what your employees do. The best way to understand the future of work is to understand the people who perform it. Those who pay attention to this research will have a more productive workforce for years to come. 

Personas represent critical and actionable information about employee workstyles. Poly’s research has identified six distinct personas, which make up 92% of a typical enterprise: 

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Don’t waste money on the wrong solutions for the wrong people. Instead of applying a blanket solution to your employees’ communication challenges, ensure that you’re equipping the right people with the right tools. The result will be a more productive workforce. And a more profitable business.

We are offering a FREE 30 minute consultation to help identify your workstyle personas and deliver the best solution for them.

Visit or email Gavin O’Leary [email protected]

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