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Invest in your security with bullet-resistant vehicles

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With the crime statistics constantly going up in South Africa, having protection on the road is no longer just limited to high-level politicians and high-net-worth individuals, but is now a necessity for civilians too.

The latest data from the South African vehicle tracking company Tracker, as published on 3 August 2021, reported that hijacking is on the rise and is more prevalent than vehicle theft, averaging a 54/46% split. There has been a 1% increase since last measured in January 2021 when it averaged at a 53/47% split.

“The slant towards hijacking is most likely an opportunistic tactic, with a noticeable increase in vehicles being targeted for their loads, particularly fast-moving consumable goods. Drivers carrying large amounts of cash are also being targeted. South Africans should be wary and remain vigilant at all times, especially when returning home from shopping or when goods bought online are delivered to their homes. Hijackings are often violent and there are instances where a hostage is taken,” said Duma Ngcobo, Chief Operating Officer at Tracker South Africa.

There are several techniques criminals are using to target motorists, to the extent of even impersonating police officials. Now more than ever, the need has arisen to protect yourself and your loved ones while in transit anywhere in South Africa and neighbouring countries, even if it’s just to the grocery store.

Armoured Mobility has recognised the demand for the accessibility, sale and purchase of discreet luxury armoured vehicles. Armoured Mobility has a team of specialists with years of expertise that offer in-house armouring solutions and can transform your car or sell/rent you a car that is bullet resistant. The process is done with the utmost privacy, discretion and security in mind to better serve governmental and corporate clients.

Based on US and European standards for ballistic levels, there are two complete ballistic packages available, as well as other smaller offers, to cater for different threat concerns. Armoured Mobility offers an option of a lighter level of protection with just armour for the glass and doors, to an entire armouring package that covers the entire capsule (floors, doors, pillars, and roof). In addition, Armoured Mobility offers additional optional protection for tyres, through the supply of runflat bands and military-grade runflats. 

Armoured Mobility vehicles are built with the latest composite light-weight armour to provide the highest level of protection. One of the advantages of our building process is the ability to provide a vehicle that will maintain its original appearance and performance.

“We are excited to announce a cutting-edge, specialised solution of protection to shield occupants and vehicles. It’s the kind of protection you would expect of a VIP convoy, but all wrapped up into your own inconspicuous-looking vehicle. We are using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to build the strongest and safest vehicles on South African roads,” said Dawood Olgar, CEO of Armoured Mobility.

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