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Representivity a sham in Hollywood

A new study on exclusion in Hollywood discovers that the problem extends beyonds ethnicity.

Oscars put doccie power in critics’ hands

Should film critics decide who gets an Oscar?

Movies the critics can’t sink

<i>Sex and the City II</i> has been on screens for mere weeks, but it is well on its way to becoming one of the most critically derided films ever.

A man for all mediums

He had never written or made a film before and his financing collapsed at the last minute, but failure is not in the dictionary of Tom Ford.

Michael Jackson film fitting tribute to bittersweet legacy

In spite of the lingering sense of necrophilia, Michael Jackson's jerry-built swansong has enough juicy tidbits to provide succour to die-hard fans.

Michael the machine

Michael Winterbottom juggles films, works with tiny crews and loves the latest technology. Andrew Pulver heads to Genoa to watch the fastest director in town.

Obscene satire

<b>Review: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut</b>

Fight the good fight

He's done serial killing in Seven and sci-fi splatter in Alien3, but it's David Fincher's latest film that has received the worst critical lashing for its violence. Andrew Pulver meets the director of Fight Club.

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ConCourt settles the law on the public protector and interim interdicts

The Constitutional Court said it welcomed robust debate but criticised the populist rhetoric in the battle between Busisiwe Mkhwebane and Minister Pravin Gordhan

Gauteng nurses say they did not take an oath to die

With more resources than other provinces, health workers in Gauteng still say they do not have enough protective equipment to ensure safety when working with Covid-19 patients

Covid infections among health workers increasing in Eastern Cape

Health worker infections have risen to 170 at state and private hospitals and two healthcare staff succumb to the disease in a space of seven days

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Visit the Mail & Guardian's Coronavirus Hub for the latest data and advice on the disease in South Africa.Click here for more.The Mail &...

The fourth industrial revolution: It works for UJ

Huge advances in technology make training and the application of medical knowledge better, faster and more widely accessible

PPS Webinar 4: Asset Protection in Times of Uncertainty

The Covid-19 crisis means people are spending more time at home, so they expect different packages from their insurance companies

International Partnerships are key for Africa during Covid-19

Perhaps this pandemic is the jolt that we needed to strengthen intra-country collaboration and revive international friendships

Auditor-General of South Africa seeks request for information

Suitably qualified and experienced vendors are sought to supply tools to assist in the support of financial statement audits

Former bursary student hits a six and lands top job at WPCA

Thuthuka Bursary recipient Tennyson Botes decided to make a difference in his community — and he's doing exactly that

SANRAL to professionalise its finance division with world-class professional accounting designations

'It is about how I can get my staff to acquire more skills and sharpen those skills that they already have,' says SANRAL CFO Inge Mulder

Empowering his people to unleash their potential

'Being registered as an AGA(SA) means you are capable of engineering an idea and turning it into money,' says Raymond Mayekisa

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