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Marie Antoinette watch unveiled — just 200 years late

Time waits for no man, or woman -- even a queen, as Marie Antoinette found to her cost amid the tumult of the French Revolution in the late 18th century. France's last queen was to have received the "most complicated and most sophisticated" watch possible back in 1783 at the behest of an admirer.

Global economic growth ‘robust’, says ECB

Global economic growth is "robust" but inflation risks remain as markets absorb the impact of the United States subprime crisis and higher food prices, European Central Bank (ECB) chief Jean-Claude Trichet said on Monday. "Food is a very big problem" stoking inflationary pressures, Trichet said.

Runny honey causes bee scare in Switzerland

A leak of honey at a Swiss transport company drew a swarm of hungry bees and forced the emergency services to step in, police said on Tuesday. Hundreds of litres of honey flooded out of a damaged barrel, which was part of a shipment from Mexico, and thousands of bees spread the word that the feast was on, said Basel police spokesperson Klaus Mannhart.

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Request for Quotation for Benguela Current Convention Secretariat

A chartered aircraft for an aerial survey and counting software for cape fur seals and seabirds in Angola, Namibia and South Africa is required

Fifteen additional speakers for SingularityU SA Online Summit 2020

SingularityU hosts global line-up with an extra 15 speakers to address thought-provoking topics to help solve the world's grand challenges

Recyling water and waste management

One solution to South Africa's water shortage is to install infrastructure that will save rainwater from run-off into the stormwater system

Covid-19 and CVD: The heart in the time of crisis

The pandemic has been a time of great humility for health workers and tactics have had to be changed if they weren’t working

POPIA: it’s not as scary as you think

Companies that get proactive about compliance are creating huge strategic advantages for themselves — they are able to reduce operational costs

CUT declared as medium risk

‘Our major challenge at the university is the access to appropriate technology and internet connectivity for our students’

Headline Speakers announced for SingularityU SA Online Summit 2020

SingularityU announces multi-national line up with world-renowned speakers addressing ground-breaking topics to solve the global grand challenges

JSE lists two new global ETFs

'Impact investing has become increasingly topical and for us to provide investors with access to sustainable investment options is a key focus'

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