Laura MacInnis

Obama accuses Congress of holding back US recovery

Barack Obama has accused Congress of holding back the US economic recovery by blocking "common sense" measures he said would create jobs.

America’s feet of clay

A Republican plan to break a congressional deadlock over raising the US debt limit has stumbled amid delays and a revolt by fiscal conservative.

UN decries vicious DRC rapes and night attacks

About 5 400 women have reported being raped this year in one province of the DRC, the UN said on Tuesday.

UN rights council criticises Israel over Gaza

The UN Human Rights Council has endorsed a report that accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza, passing a resolution that singled it out for censure.

UN talks hope to improve climate data and aid poor

About 150 nations met in Geneva on Monday to discuss how to plug gaps in climate information to help the world cope with global warming.

WHO: Breast-feeding could save 1,3-million child lives

Teaching new mothers how to breastfeed could save 1,3-million children's lives every year, the WHO said on Friday.

UN sees strain on Yemen from Somali refugees

Thousands of Somalis are prepared to risk their lives for the chance to be smuggled into Yemen, the UN refugee agency said on Tuesday.

China cooling to weigh on African exporters

The African Development Bank (AfDB) expects mineral exporting countries to suffer from China's slowdown, whose full effects may not yet be felt.

G8 policymakers express concern, urge banks to lend

World economic leaders called on commercial banks to step up lending to revive an economy pitched into recession.

I won’t make ‘Scorpions’ a spy outfit’

The appointment was met with surprise and disbelief by a range of sources in the criminal justice sector.

WHO chief says world should prepare for severe flu

Countries should be ready for more serious H1N1 flu infections and more deaths from the newly discovered virus, the WHO said on Friday.

World’s health ministers tackle pandemic flu

The H1N1 flu strain is spreading fast in Japan, the WHO said on Monday, and ministers and top officials in Geneva discussed how to fight pandemic flu.

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