Alister Doyle

Terrorist attack suspected in Oslo bomb blast

A huge explosion has wrecked government buildings in Oslo, including the office of Norway's prime minister. Several people were injured in the blast.

‘Green’ job creation risks backfiring

Investments to create jobs in clean energies risk backfiring by curbing employment in other parts of the economy, a study has shown.

Mass bird deaths rare, not apocalyptic

Birds falling out of the sky in the US and Sweden are freak examples of the kind of mass animal deaths that have unusual but not apocalyptic causes.

‘A car crash of a summit is in no one’s interest’

Almost 200 nations sought to break a deadlock between rich and poor on steps to fight global warming.

World illegal logging down, still remains big problem

Illegal logging has fallen by 22% worldwide in the past decade but remains a huge problem from Brazil to Indonesia, a study showed on Thursday.

UN defends climate panel after Himalaya blunder

The UN has defended its panel of climate scientists from criticisms that an error about the thaw of Himalayan glaciers undermined its wider findings.

Major emitters set carbon goals after Copenhagen

Fifty-five countries have formally pledged to cut or limit their emissions in a move welcomed by the UN's climate-change body.

Obama climate deal founders at Copenhagen

A global warming deal worked out by US President Barack Obama and four other countries, including SA, faces mass opposition at Copenhagen.

Progress in UN climate talks, tougher issues ahead

UN climate talks have made progress at the halfway mark but many of the toughest issues are deadlocked, delegates said on Saturday.

Climate change quickening, say scientists

Global warming is happening faster than expected and at worst could raise sea levels by up to 2m by 2100, a group of scientists said on Tuesday.

UN climate talks make little progress

Climate negotiators prepared to ditch a December deadline for agreeing a new pact as United Nations talks in Barcelona drew to a close on Friday.

Prospects for UN climate deal ‘brighter’

Prospects for a new UN climate pact have brightened but negotiations must speed up to meet a December deadline, a UN official said on Tuesday.

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