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Thailand counting the costs of devastating floods

Insured losses from Thai floods are still be counted and the disaster could lead to a re-assessment of weather risks to industries in Asia.

UN talks to save nature zero in on historic deal

Ministers from around the world began on Wednesday a final push for a UN deal to protect nature.

Deadly duo: Invasive species and climate change

Climate change is set to drive the spread of invasive plant and animals species, threatening forests, fisheries and crops, a report said on Friday.

Indian Ocean sea level rise threatens millions

Sea levels are rising unevenly in the Indian Ocean, placing millions at risk along low-lying coastlines in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Obama climate deal founders at Copenhagen

A global warming deal worked out by US President Barack Obama and four other countries, including SA, faces mass opposition at Copenhagen.

Ministers work to break deadlock at climate talks

Ministers strived to break a deadlock in global climate talks on Tuesday, three days before world leaders are meant to agree a new pact.

UN climate talks open, deal ‘within reach’

The biggest climate meeting in history opened on Monday with hosts Denmark saying an unmissable opportunity to protect the planet was ''within reach''.

As nations haggle over CO2 cuts, measurement is tough

Targets and trust. These are at the heart of a tougher new global climate pact possibly just weeks away.

If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it-

Advice to university Vice-chancellors: A successful tenure at an institution amounts to being at the right book launches, presiding and pontificating.

UN: Rich nations need to ante-up in climate talks

Poorer countries' efforts to fight climate change are being stymied by rich nations' lack of commitment, the UN said on Thursday.

Rich nations trying to kill Kyoto pact, says China

China and a top G77 official accused rich nations on Monday of trying to kill off the Kyoto Protocol.

UN: Climate talks stall on targets, finance

Efforts to convince rich nations to toughen emissions cuts have failed to make much headway at climate talks in Bangkok, the UN said on Friday.

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