Emma Graham-Harrison

Egypt pardons and releases jailed Al-Jazeera journalists

Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were pardoned by the president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, along with about 100 other prisoners.

Knives out for wolf of Hong Kong

The territory's chief executive has become a focus for protests but would his removal change much?

Afghan Bill lets abusers off scot-free

The proposed law allows men to attack their women relatives without consequence, unravelling gains made in a country where "honour" killings are rife.

Karzai suspends US talks

The Afghan president made the announcement after the US said it would meet the Taliban

More than 16 killed after weekend attacks in Afghanistan

A suicide attack has claimed six lives and air attacks have killed 10 children over a weekend that served as a reminder of Afghanistan's conflict.

US army braces for pricey Afghan withdrawal

As the US prepares to ship most of its weapons home after more than a decade in Afghanistan, the bill for the move will be a staggering $6-billion.

Fresh Afghan killings mar quiet transition

Gunmen killed an adviser to Afghan President Hamid Karzai in a gunbattle in Kabul on Sunday, officials said.

Speak truth to power: SpeakZA!

SA bloggers have waded into the spat between the ANC Youth League and the media.

Google to phase out China search partnerships

Two day after shutting its Chinese portal, Google said it plans to phase out deals to provide filtered search services to other online firms in China.

Ministers work to break deadlock at climate talks

Ministers strived to break a deadlock in global climate talks on Tuesday, three days before world leaders are meant to agree a new pact.

China says US envoy ‘irresponsible’ on climate aid

China on Friday attacked a top US envoy as ''extremely irresponsible'' for saying at the Copenhagen summit that no US climate aid would go to China.

China unveils carbon target ahead of Copenhagen

China unveiled its first firm target to curb greenhouse gas emissions on Thursday, a goal that Premier Wen Jiabao will take to climate talks.

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