Emma Graham-Harrison

Ageing Shanghai urges second baby for eligible couples

For the first time in decades Chinese officials are actively encouraging procreation, urging eligible couples to have two children.

Deadly Uighur riots may force policy debate in Beijing

The script is jarringly familiar. Bodies lie on streets of an ethnic minority area, troops fan out, and Beijing denounces overseas enemies.

China’s internet porn filter — no Garfield please

What do Johnny Depp, Garfield, Paris Hilton and roast pork have in common? In China, they can be bad for your moral health.

Picking up the pieces from Afghanistan’s war

Three decades of war and unrest have left Afghanistan's infrastructure in pieces, with few and badly equipped hospitals.

Afghan media law delay raises fears over fair poll

Afghanistan's president is delaying a law that would limit his control of media, raising worries about a ''level playing field'' ahead of elections.

Tibet serf debate shadows China’s ’emancipation day’

Lots of salty yak butter tea and an end to beatings marked the start of the 1960s for farmer Kigya, who grew up shackled to the estate of a nobleman.

Chinese duo leap to springboard gold

China leapt and twisted to gold in the women's synchronised three metre springboard on Sunday, claiming the first diving medals.

China quake death toll rises to at least 20 000

The death toll from China's massive earthquake rose to at least 20 000 on Thursday as rescuers struggled to help survivors and hopes faded for a further 25 000 buried under rubble for more than three days. Three days after the quake, hopes of pulling survivors from the ruins dimmed.

China says quake toll could top 50 000

The death toll from China's massive earthquake could soar to more than 50 000, state media reported on Thursday, as rescuers struggled to help survivors and hope faded for the thousands buried under rubble. About 20 000 are confirmed dead after Monday's 7,9 magnitude quake and 25 000 were buried in areas rescuers have struggled to reach.

Nearly 15 000 dead in China quake

The toll from China's deadliest earthquake in decades climbed to nearly 15 000 on Wednesday as thousands of troops, firefighters and common civilians battled to save thousands of people buried under rubble and mud. The government sent 50 000 troops to south-western Sichuan province to dig for victims.

Dying China oil town a warning to Beijing

Dying towns are rare in booming China, but the expanses of rubble and abandoned homes that ring the once-wealthy oil centre of Yumen mark it out as one of them. And though it is home to just a few thousand people, in a nation of over 1,3-billion, Beijing's stability-obsessed bureaucrats are fretting about their fate.

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