Richard Cowan

New US Congress prepares to undo Obamacare, weigh Trump personnel picks

A new, Republican-controlled US Congress convenes on Tuesday eager to repeal major portions of President Barack Obama's healthcare law.

US shutdown: Conflict could go down to the wire

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have offered any sign of agreements on either the shutdown or the debt ceiling as an October 17 deadline looms.

US Senate approves Bill to avert fiscal cliff

The US Senate overwhelmingly approved legislation to avert the "fiscal cliff" by stopping most of the tax hikes and across-the-board spending cuts.

Obama’s last chance looms as US economy teeters on the edge

Barack Obama is due to host congressional leaders including his Republican rivals in a last-ditch bid to halt America's slide over the fiscal cliff.

Democrats hold on to Senate, Republicans retain House

Reports say the Democrats will retain control of the US Senate, after earlier reports said Republicans would keep the House of Representatives.

US lawmakers abandon efforts to rein in ballooning debt

US lawmakers have abandoned efforts to rein in debt in a sign that Washington will be unlikely to resolve the tax and spending dispute before 2013.

Republicans perform about-turn on taxes

Having said no to taxes for months, Republicans now are saying maybe in the face of public disgust over a deadlock in the US Congress.

We have a deal: US House passes debt Bill

A last-gasp deal to raise the US borrowing limit cleared its biggest hurdle in Congress on Monday, warding off the risk of a debt default.

Tentative steps to US debt solution

Hopes have emerged that US lawmakers are close to a last minute deal that could raise the US debt ceiling.

Republican rebels force new delay in US debt crisis

Efforts to avoid an unprecedented US debt default suffered a new blow on Thursday when fiscally hardline Republicans blocked a budget deficit plan.

United States debt war threatens world markets

The US standoff over debt plans offers little hope of compromise, increasing the threat of a ratings downgrade that could sow chaos in global markets.

US lawmakers still divided as debt deadline looms

The US failed to achieve a budget breakthrough on Sunday and instead worked on rival plans in an impasse that heightened prospects for a debt fault.

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