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Cambodia stampede kills at least 375 at festival

Cambodia searched for answers on Tuesday a day after a stampede killed at least 375 people on a suspension bridge.

Cambodia stampede kills hundreds at festival

A stampede on a bridge in Cambodia's capital killed at least 345 people when thousands panicked, pinning and trampling revellers at a festival.

Tourists’ millions elude the poor locals’ nets

Boa is 19, the sixth of 11 children. With all of his family, he lives in a small thatched two-room house on the outskirts of Siem Reap.

Angkor’s away

The pumping out of underground water for human consumption could threaten the ancient temple site.

Khmer Rouge prison chief sentenced to 30 years in jail

In an historic first, a UN-backed has sentenced a Khmer Rouge prison chief to 30 years in jail for crimes against humanity over mass executions.

Cambodia to destroy all ‘ecstasy oil’ stocks

Cambodia is cracking down on a raw ingredient for the club-drug ecstasy by wiping out stocks of an oil made from the roots of a rare rainforest tree.

Khmer Rouge jail chief asks for ‘strictest punishment’

The Khmer Rouge's main jail chief told a war crimes court on Wednesday he would like the "strictest level of punishment" -- even death by stoning.

Cambodia cancels landmine beauty pageant

A beauty pageant in which landmine victims were to compete to win a prosthetic limb has been cancelled after the government said it was in bad taste.

Cambodia readies for first Khmer Rouge trial

Cambodia's United Nations-backed war crimes court on Monday made final preparations for its long-awaited first public trial of a Khmer Rouge leader.

‘Bad luck’ as Cambodia PM renews beauty pageant ban

Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday renewed a ban on beauty pageants in the country, calling a previous beauty contest "bad luck".

Cambodia quietly marks Pol Pot’s death

Cambodia on Tuesday quietly marked the 10-year anniversary of Khmer Rouge dictator Pol Pot's death, amid fears that time is running out to try ageing regime leaders before a genocide tribunal. Pol Pot, the tyrant who turned Cambodia into killing fields in the late 1970s, died on April 15 1998, reportedly from a heart attack.

Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan charged

Former Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan was formally detained and charged on Monday with war crimes and crimes against humanity by Cambodia's United Nations-backed genocide tribunal, a court spokesperson said. "The co-investigating judges have detained him for a period of one year," tribunal spokesperson Reach Sambath said.

Killer Cambodian cow put to death

A Cambodian cow arrested by authorities last week after causing a string of traffic deaths was butchered by its owner to prevent future highway carnage, police said on Tuesday. The large animal had repeatedly escaped its enclosure and wandered into a nearby road.

Faded grandeur in Cambodia’s mountains

In the ruined ballroom of the Bokor Palace Hotel it is easy to imagine, amid the shattered floor tiles and mouldy walls, the clink of champagne flutes and lively chatter of a night out in this tiny colonial hill station. A symbol of both the excesses of Cambodia's golden age and the apocalypse that followed, the long abandoned hotel and casino is now only haunted by curious tourists.

‘Butcher’ had reputation for cruelty

A reputation for cruelty, even by the standards of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime he led, set Ta Mok apart from his revolutionary comrades and earned him the nickname of "The Butcher". Ta Mok died on July 21 at the age of 80 after languishing in jail since 1999.

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