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Move on, nothing to see here

Elysium is today's gross global inequality realised. By 2154, humanity is divided into the privileged and the masses on whose backs this is built.

Oscar glances in South Africa

In Proudly South African fashion, we note two Oscar nominations for films related to South Africa, <em>District 9</em> and <em>Invictus</em>.

Alien vs alien at the Oscars

South African blockbuster <i>District 9</i> has been nominated in the Best Motion Picture category at this year's Oscars.

Loving the aliens

It's often easy for South Africans to imagine they live in an alternative reality. Maybe that's why <i>District 9</i> works so well.

Post-apartheid at the movies

A sci-fi blockbuster that's also an allegory of apartheid? <i>District 9</i> is the biggest of a glut of films about South Africa's traumatic past.

District 9 goes huge

The marketing campaign for the sci-fi movie <i>District 9</i>, set in South Africa and opening here, was planned before the movie was even filmed.

How to make a South African sci-fi blockbuster

If you follow all the rules, as <i>District 9</i> did, topping the box office is not necessarily a surprise.

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Traditional healers need new spaces

Proper facilities supported by well-researched cultural principles will go a long way to improving the image and perception of the practice of traditional medicine

Limpopo big-game farmer accused of constant harassment

A family’s struggle against alleged intimidation and failure to act by the authorities mirrors the daily challenges farm dwellers face

Zondo tightens his grip with criminal complaint against Zuma

The state capture commission’s star witness now faces a criminal complaint and another summons

Press Releases

Get Rewarded for banking with Standard Bank Mobile

Free data for your bank card spend every month will go that extra mile to help keep South Africans connected to their dreams

Introducing Greening the Future 2020

We highlight the work of those accelerating sustainable living in SA – at a vital moment for the environment

Western Cape SMBs look to technology to get them through pandemic

Many companies have over-capitalised on IT infrastructure in the past, and are looking for ways to access simpler, cheaper technology that cuts their costs

Land reform still a hot potato

The land has got to belong to all the people of South Africa, and many believe that there’s no other mechanism for that except expropriation

UP chemical pathology scientists develop ground-breaking nanobodies for Covid-19 detection and therapy

Nanobodies are smaller than conventional antibodies and easier to work with so they are ideal for good cheap sensitive rapid tests for Covid-19

Inclusion as learned experience in higher education

Understanding the complexity of intersections between oppressions relating to race and gender is key to any commitment to creating a culture of inclusion and social justice

Local government in crisis: how it can be fixed

Local governments are supposed to promote non-racial development, in a decentralised manner, but the reality does not match up

Covid-19 accelerates adoption of technology by the African property sector

It’s not the technology itself that is valuable, it’s the opportunities that it creates: this may be the perfect time for reinvention