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/ 26 March 2008

Have we become too grand?

Remember the days when, as inaugural transport minister, Mac Maharaj insisted that he would continue to drive his beat-up old Jetta? It struck a chord, for it spoke of a government that would live comfortably yet simply. Those days died quickly as the new democrats dusted off old protocol books designed for a venal order.

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/ 24 March 2008

Fleecing the flock

Religious holidays are always happy times for criminals. Perhaps the overwhelming sense of brotherly love makes cash-flush citizens too trusting and thus easy prey. But a growing category of charlatans is emerging. Instead of pulling a weapon to make folks part with their money, they invoke the name of one deity or another.

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/ 6 January 2008

Dancing to stereotype

"The problem with blacks," my new friend says, in condemnatory tone, to the rest of the company, "is that we are too harsh on other blacks. You would think they are the only ones who do bad things." All of us around the table are black. Some dare to suggest that there are a few things darkies need to sort out themselves before blaming the "system" for our sorry plight.

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/ 24 December 2007

Nobody aspires to be working class

It was a casual chat with a colleague ahead of the start of a long weekend. I told her I would be spending some time at a drinking hole somewhere in Soweto. She pointed out that she did not like Soweto pubs much because they seemed too "nice". She preferred those of the rural Eastern Cape, crowded little places where people sit on crates and drink from 750ml bottles.

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/ 12 November 2007

Of critics with short memories

I will not hold it against you if you read this and think it is about football. But it is not. Last week the Premier Soccer League’s board of governors decided to pay some of their number a once-off R70-million gratuity, with luck ending months of speculation over payments to individuals instrumental in getting football’s sponsorship to top the R1-billion mark.

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/ 11 September 2007

More to men than tits and arse

I wouldn’t blame anyone who accused me of sour grapes if they heard that I am happy I couldn’t go on the Axe jet, despite accepting the invitation. But, think what you will, the Axe jet’s so-called fantasy is an affront to reasonable men. In its unapologetic objectification of women’s bodies, the maker of Axe says men are so easy to please, writes Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya.

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/ 5 September 2007

A great Gift squandered

For his first real taste of paid football, Gift Leremi, who was killed in a car accident on September 3, came on as a late substitute in a charity match against Kaizer Chiefs. Orlando Pirates, who had in the off-season promoted him to their first team, were trailing by a goal.

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/ 4 September 2007

Time for parents to lead their children

The matric exam season is upon us. And once again it is the fate of black children that hangs precariously in the balance; it is they who will be hardest hit by the interruption in classes earlier this year during the public-service strike. More worrying, however, is the silence of their parents on the matters that affect their children.

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/ 8 June 2007

Principles and percentages

Ordinarily, it should be old hat that a business organisation, even if it is one of the best in its industry, is majority black-owned, as the Jupiter Drawing Room is. The agency’s press release ­writers say it is "Africa’s largest, black-owned, independent advertising agency". What is less subjective is that last month Jupiter was voted the Ad­Focus Ad Agency of the Year.

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/ 21 May 2007

Grooving with Groovin

For all the talk about a lack of skills in South Africa’s advertising industry, its man of the moment, Groovin Nchabeleng, may just have the answers. Nchabeleng, this year’s AdReview advertising person of the year, also comes in handy when another South African ill, the lack of entrepreneurship, is discussed.