Gwen Ansell

The year the music died — almost

Half of the participants in a recent study on the live music industry are likely to quit their craft

Myesha Jenkins: A sister who always said it with feeling

Poet and activist Myesha Jenkins (1948-2020) took her craft, including her teaching, extremely seriously

A place called home: Jazz and the new normal at the National Arts Festival

Several jazz offerings at the virtual festival focus on journeys and identity

Dialectic Soul: Rhythms of reason for revolutionary music

Drummer Asher Gamedze’s approach to making music is through a collective process bringing together not only each band member’s response to ideas but also their skills

Billy Monama: stringing together South African guitar history

The guitarist’s book, Introduction to South African Guitar Style: Volume One is due to be published at the end of the year

Vuma Levin initiates his cycle

The guitarist is growing into his groove, with a new concept album launching soon

A repository for jazz historians

In the face of dwindling writing about South African jazz, bassist and composer Carlo Mombelli’s new offering is a repository for future historians.

Parsing Kabila through rumba

‘Chimurenga Chronic: Who Killed Kabila II’ sees memories of the past battle the future

A requiem for African identity

It is a feat to have a Mass that draws from a rich but distorted past to create a new musical canon

The making of Bra Hugh

Listening through that half-century of disks, the nature and scope of the trumpeter’s achievement becomes clear. Masekela had two early horn heroes.

Beauty in struggle

Jazz and the fight for freedom were central to his life and poetry

What the lives of two SA music giants tell us about culture under apartheid

For those who love and listen – really listen – the legacy of both men will live on equally in the music they made

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