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/ 18 December 2007

Social networking frenzy points to web’s future

Social networking websites saw their ranks swell and values soar this year as everyone from moody teenagers and mellow music lovers to mate-seeking seniors joined online communities. Google’s freshly released <i>Zeitgeist 2007</i> reveals that seven out of the 10 hottest topics which triggered internet queries during the year involved social networking.

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/ 16 October 2007

Environmentalists target iPhone for lawsuit

Environmentalist lawyers are threatening to sue Apple in 60 days if the iconic United States company doesn’t make iPhones greener or warn buyers of toxins in the devices. The Centre for Environmental Health sent Apple notice on Monday after Greenpeace released a scientific analysis of how Earth-friendly iPhones are.

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/ 5 April 2007

HP launches ‘cool stuff’ for PC game market

Hewlett-Packard (HP) on Wednesday showed off innovations it said were at the heart of a plan to become a major player in the multibillion-dollar computer-game market. The company has even installed new gaming features into a home coffee table dubbed "Misto", which features a built-in computer, stereo speakers and a touch-screen for a top.

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/ 7 February 2007

Apple wants to set the music free

Apple’s Steve Jobs posted an open message to record studios on Tuesday, asking them to abolish security software that prevents music bought online from playing on different types of MP3 players. Apple would embrace eliminating technology that prevents songs downloaded from its iTunes music store from being played on iPod rivals, he said.

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/ 19 January 2007

MySpace sued over sex traps for teens

MySpace defended itself on Thursday against new lawsuits charging it had failed to protect five girls from being lured into sex traps by predators on the popular teen social website. The suits demand unspecified millions of dollars in damages from MySpace for "negligence, recklessness, fraud" and misrepresentation.