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Namibia’s Geingob’s comeback paves way for Swapo moderates

Namibia's leader seems to be preparing the ground for a new political direction for the country's ruling party after reinstating Hage Geingbo.

Widespread strike rattles Namibia

Teachers have ignored a court order and they have joined forces with disgruntled nurses who were reined in by the state, writes John Grobler.

Swapo divisions come to a head

Divisions within Namibia's ruling Swapo deepened this week after Prime Minister Nahas Angula withdrew from the presidential race.

Battle for Namibian presidency heats up

The gloves have come off in Swapo in the increasingly acrimonious battle for the Namibian presidential nomination.

Suspected Namibian secessionist acquitted after 13 years

Rodwell Kasika Mukendwa was accused number 106 in the trial in which a remaining 110 men face 278 charges of high treason.

Namibian sterilisation case could open floodgates

A ruling by the Namibian High Court brought by women who alleged they were sterilised by state against their will could open door for similar cases.

Water-short Namibia strikes it rich

The discovery of a giant aquifer beneath the country's most populous region has been amazing news, writes John Grobler.

Questions over Namibian rhino hunt

With 251 rhinos poached so far this year in SA, the expectation is that rhino hunting, especially that of the black rhino, will be shut down.

TransNamib begs for state help

Namibia's partial privatisation of non-core state services appears to be heading up a dead-end track, writes John Grobler.

Power crunch catches up with Namibia

Namibia has plans to become a big energy player but consumers will feel the pain this winter, writes John Grobler.

TransNamib gravy train derails

A new scandal has revealed the staggering corruption that is bleeding Namibia's state coffers.

Himba dragon myth not just hot air

Scientists say the mysterious circles, also known as "fairy circles", in the Namib desert may have been caused by oxygen-depleting methane.

Pipe dreams of a cybersquatter

Namibian businessperson Simon Kapenda has been punting grandiose schemes to develop the country, though his past is tainted with fraud allegations.

‘Welcome to Namibia, please fetch your own bags from the aircraft’

Visitors flying into Namibia may in the near future be asked to retrieve their luggage from the aircraft themselves.

Public spending clouds positive outlook for Namibian economy

IMF gives Namibia a thumbs but raises concerns over rising public debt.

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Zuma won’t appear before Zondo commission on Monday, say his lawyers

Last year the commission asked the Constitutional Court to force the former president to appear. Although ruling has not been made, the summons remains valid, but Zuma’s lawyers say they won’t honour it

Molefe blames Ramaphosa for Eskom’s woes in statement to Zondo commission

Brian Molefe guns for Cyril Ramaphosa, alleging that the president’s relationship with Glencore was only a ploy to siphon money out of Eskom

Zondo commission: Lynne Brown reportedly says ‘eish’ when told of Zuma’s alleged Eskom meddling

More allegations against Jacob Zuma put before the state capture commission, as the questions the former president will have to answer when he appears next week continue to stack up

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