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/ 7 May 2008

Rugby strip show caught on video

The Austrian national rugby team tried to get over their 48-0 defeat by Lithuania by staging a mass striptease in the capital Vilnius late on Saturday, only to find they had been caught on video and put on the internet. The video, put out by a blogger on social community website Virb, showed a group of 20 men singing and stripping off their clothes.

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/ 31 May 2006

Lithuania’s government collapses in acrimony

Lithuania’s government fell apart on Wednesday after Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas and his whole Cabinet announced their resignation following the defection of the largest party in the coalition. ”The situation today is such that I have to step down,” he told reporters. Under Lithuanian law, if the prime minister quits the entire government has to resign.

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/ 14 April 2005

Deep-freeze record-breakers awarded

A Lithuanian brother and sister who spent almost three days frozen in a block of ice have been rewarded for their "brave" feat by the government, a television report said on Thursday. Circus veterans Arvydas and Diana Gaiciunai were awarded 5 000 litas (about R11 100) each and given gifts by the prime minister on Wednesday.

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/ 11 December 2004

Guards call time on hooch pipeline

For years, pipelines from the former Soviet Union have shipped the prosaic necessities of oil and gas to western Europe. But now smugglers have developed their own pipeline network for a more potent fuel — moonshine. Border guards in Lithuania have unearthed a lengthy pipeline that was intended to convey illicit alcohol.