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Tedros aims to turn the WHO around

Good things are being said about the World Health Organisation since Ethiopia’s man came on board

Comoros: The crazy, remote art biennale that rocks

A new festival of contemporary arts is shaking up the Comoros with provocative works that confront the island nation's fraught post-colonial history.

Mozambique faces the music

From April 18 to 29 Maputo hosted opera singing, a baroque orchestra, a choir, acoustic jazz, new flamenco and outreach workshops with local singers.

Testing times

Out of the blue, one Monday morning, my Prince Charming calls from Dakar. He has been invited to an Aids conference in South Africa. Can I pick him up at Johannesburg International airport on Friday? Yummy. Nice prospect for a honeymoon weekend. I wax, manicure, pedicure, colour hair, stock up on bubbly, candles and that good old ally, KY gel.

Marry the medicine and the myth

Most Africans know what to say about Aids -- information campaigns have achieved this much. However, being designed in the capitals by Western-educated health experts and NGO staff, and funded by Western donors, these campaigns ignore traditional explanations of illness, prevention, healing and death embedded in the cultural matrix of many Africans.

Cardinals and khalifs unite against Aids

It's 1.30pm in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, on Friday. Traffic stops around the Old Mosque. Thousands fill the streets. When the muezzin calls, they kneel, bow and pray in perfect unison. The sermon dwells on how to avoid contracting HIV, and the fact that people who are infected with the virus must be helped, not shunned.

State terrorism strikes at Zim?s heart

STATE terrorism has escalated in Zimbabwe with Sunday's bomb attack on the independent newspaper, the Daily News. Only the Zimbabwe Corps of Engineers and...

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