Mercedes Sayagues
Mercedes Sayagues works from Pretoria, South Africa. Journalist, editor, media trainer Mercedes Sayagues has over 121 followers on Twitter.
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/ 13 May 2008

A quickie in Havana

I love a country where having a mojito at 10am is perfectly fine. Muy chévere. Have another one. Otro mojito. And one Cuba Libre, please. Cubans start drinking whenever it pleases them. No hang-ups, just hangovers. Such a nice way to while away the time in this Jurassic Park of 50-year-old technology that still works — Soviet-era tractors, washing machines and typewriters clanking on.

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/ 14 September 2005

The Cinderella myth

In that pleasant land, the universal myths of Cinderella and Peter Pan — the woman who marries up and the boy who does not want to grow up — are re-enacted collectively every year in one of Africa’s most beautiful and heartfelt pageants: Umhlanga, the Reed Dance, in Swaziland.