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/ 26 May 2008

UN: Russia shot down Georgian spy plane

The United Nations said on Monday that a Russian air force plane shot down an unmanned Georgian spy drone over Abkhazia last month, strengthening Tbilisi’s claims that Moscow is aiding the rebel territory.The UN report was the weightiest independent endorsement to date of Tbilisi’s allegation that a Russian jet downed its spy plane on April 20.

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/ 7 November 2007

Violent protests engulf Georgian capital

Georgian police firing rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons fought running battles with anti-government protesters on Wednesday, plunging the ex-Soviet republic’s capital, Tbilisi, into chaos. All day hundreds of riot police in black body armour clashed with demonstrators demanding the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili.

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/ 3 October 2007

Russia issues gas ultimatum to Ukraine

Russia threatened on Tuesday to cut gas supplies to Ukraine again in a move that appears to reflect its displeasure at the prospect of a new orange government in Kiev. Gazprom, the state-controlled monopoly, said it would reduce supplies to Ukraine next month unless it settled a bill of more than ,3-billion.