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/ 24 March 2008

A forgotten war draining a forgotten people

The road from Harar runs for more than 960km east towards the border with Somalia, penetrating deep into the desiccated badlands of the Ogaden desert, the dusty heart of Ethiopia’s war-torn Somali regional state. This is the land that the self-styled separatists of the Ogaden National Liberation Front claim as their own.

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/ 29 December 2007

Ethiopia rebels deny suffering major losses

Ethiopia’s Ogaden rebels on Saturday denied claims they had suffered heavy losses at the hands of the government forces. On Friday, the Ethiopian army said it had ”annihilated the remnants of the Ogaden National Liberation Front that were engaged in disrupting the peace and stability of the Somali region”.

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/ 3 September 2007

Ethiopia rebels declare ceasefire for UN visit

Rebels in Ethiopia’s volatile east declared a unilateral ceasefire so the United Nations can investigate their claims of human rights abuses in the region. The Ogaden National Liberation Front rebels, ethnic Somalis who have been fighting the government for more than a decade, said they will only defend themselves if attacked.