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Hello Africa, this is India calling

The expansion by Bharti Airtel into Africa underscores the rise of India on the continent, at a time when the focus on investment has been on China.

Donors spend $9,3m on Somali piracy cases

Donors will spend $9,3-million to help Kenya and Seychelles prosecute suspected Somali pirates and improve those countries' criminal justice systems.

Two plead guilty to illegally possessing 700kg of ivory

Two men pleaded guilty in a Kenyan court on Monday to illegally possessing 700kg of elephant tusks.

US moots treaty for mercury reduction

The Obama administration has reversed US policy by calling for a treaty to cut mercury pollution, described as the world's gravest chemical problem.

Annan: Prosecute Kenya militias over poll violence

Kenyan authorities should prosecute murderous militias implicated in the country's devastating post-election violence, but also address any ''genuine grievances'' they may have, former United Nations leader Kofi Annan said on Saturday.

Tribe to be the big issue in Kenyan elections

During a work break, Dennis Ouma Ochieng sips his soda and declares the one thing that will decide his choice in Kenya's upcoming presidential election: tribe. Ochieng, a Luo, will vote later this month for another Luo, Raila Odinga. And not because he thinks Odinga will do a better job than incumbent Mwai Kibaki, a Kikuyu.

More than 70 Chadian children ‘flown to France’

Chad will investigate reports that at least 74 Chadian children were flown to France more than a month-and-a-half ago without their parents' knowledge, a senior judicial official said on Thursday. A network of local human rights groups wrote to the public prosecutor's department with details about the 74 children.

Piracy on the rise off Somalia

Piracy off Somalia is on the rise because an Islamic group that had cracked down on pirates was ousted, an official who tracks piracy cases off Africa's side of the Indian Ocean said. Earlier, an international watchdog reported maritime pirate attacks worldwide had shot up 14% in the first nine months of 2007.

Ethiopia rebels declare ceasefire for UN visit

Rebels in Ethiopia's volatile east declared a unilateral ceasefire so the United Nations can investigate their claims of human rights abuses in the region. The Ogaden National Liberation Front rebels, ethnic Somalis who have been fighting the government for more than a decade, said they will only defend themselves if attacked.

Kenyan leader refuses to sign media law

The Kenyan president refused on Wednesday to approve legislation that has widely been condemned as an attack on independent media because it would allow Kenyan courts to compel reporters to reveal their sources. President Mwai Kibaki rejected the Bill a week after hundreds of journalists protested while wearing black gags.

Kenya Airways loses contact with airliner

Kenya Airways has lost contact with a commercial airliner carrying more than 100 passengers that took off from Cameroon early on Saturday, the airline said. ''The last message was received in Douala after take-off and thereafter the tower was unable to contact the plane,'' Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni said on Saturday.

US diplomat in Chad to discuss oil-royalties dispute

A senior United States diplomat arrived in Chad's capital on Monday to meet with officials about a dispute between the government and the World Bank over how the country uses oil royalties -- a dispute that has the government threatening to shut off oil supplies by the week's end.

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