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/ 16 May 2008

Copy-cat ethnic cleansing

The wave of pogroms that saw foreigners fleeing Alexandra this week, clutching at the tattered remnants of their lives, should surprise no one. Xenophobic attacks have been growing in ferocity and frequency. In just the past three months Gauteng has witnessed a wave of attacks from Itereleng to Atteridgeville and from Alex to Diepsloot.

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/ 2 May 2008

Can palm oil ever be sustainable?

Once hailed as a healthy alternative to trans-fats, as a green wonder-fuel and as a driver of South-East Asia’s economic prosperity, palm oil’s image has taken quite a beating recently. Now seen as a biofuel baddie — palm oil biodiesel generates 10 times more carbon dioxide than petrol.

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/ 24 January 2008

The soul of the swamp

Tshwarelo Gakegane’s roots run deep in the melapo of the Okavango Delta. "My mother and father used to hunt buffalo and red lechwe here, and they taught me all about the animals and plants of this area." She is part of an exciting community-participation project that ensures that real benefits from ecotourism flow to the people who live on the land.

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/ 14 August 2007

Baobab band-aid

On the west coast of Madagascar there is a breathtakingly beautiful place that people from all over the world travel to see. They take long plane rides from Japan and France and the United States, suffer spine-jarring trips over bad roads and endure extreme heat and humidity to see this natural wonder. And then they take photos and go home.