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Making Scents: Can perfume attract your perfect match?

Fragrance manufacturers claim their products can lure the opposite sex. The secret behind allure, is little more subtlety writes Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making Scents: I’ve grown a custom scent for you

In the fragrance industry, perfumers are champing at the bit to offer distinct personalised fragrances, writes perfumer Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making scents: ‘Natural’ products are no longer a luxury

The time has come for consumers to question what exactly is in the products they habitually replenish, writes Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making Scents: The right fragrance for your skin type

Fragrances especially natural scents, which are more subtle and nuanced than chemicals – smell different on different skins because of skin chemistry.

Making scents: A perfume speaks a thousand words

"A fragrance is a framed story, and sometimes how that story is told is as important as the juice itself," writes perfumer Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making scents: A scent endures after words fade

“Dissonance”, “counterpoint” “Sillage”... perfumer Tammy Violet Frazer talks us through some perfume lingo.

Making Scents: Smell’s power to evoke memory

Tammy Violet Frazer writes about the powerful link between smell and memory.

Making Scents: Put the genius back in the bottle

"The shape, style and colour of a perfume bottle plays a vital part in your attachment to a fragrance," writes Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making Scents: Giving life to the scent

Perfumers should seize the essence of the notes to construct a story that will be pushed through every available marketing and advertising channel.

Making scents: Raw deals can ruin a perfumer

Formulating a fragrance is made more complicated by the complexity of sourcing raw material for the final scent.

Making Scents: Scentless buying

Apt descriptive prose, comparisons and personal truths from perfume aficionados are what drive the purchase of perfume online.

Making scents: To mark territory

A house scent can make guests feel immediately at ease, but it can be dangerous if not executed properly.

Making scents: On the track of a writer’s tale

The creation of perfumes is informed by scientific research into smell and memory, but also by art and literature.

Making scents: Resins are really from Africa, by gum

We should be investing in local technology, otherwise the only winners are logistics companies that transport our precious natural resources away.

Making scents: Seduced by sweet, shy roses

An African hand helping to preserve a fragile and dignified business - rose harvesting.

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