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/ 13 November 2007

Doctor blames police for SA woman’s airport death

A private pathologist hired by the family of a South African-born woman who died in police custody at Phoenix airport in the United States said she accidentally strangled herself — but he also blamed police for her death. He agreed with a medical examiner’s report that the intoxicated woman accidentally strangled herself on her shackles.

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/ 13 October 2007

Prison time for US porn email spammers

Two men who sent millions of unsolicited pornographic emails have been sentenced to more than five years in federal prison as part of the first prosecution under a federal anti-spam law, United States Department of Justice officials said. Prosecutors said that the two men started their spamming business four years ago.

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/ 12 September 2007

Fallen hero Tyson set for hearing in drugs case

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is scheduled for a hearing this month in which he could change his plea in a narcotics case. The 41-year-old boxer previously pleaded not guilty to charges of drug possession and driving under the influence of drugs. A spokesperson for Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas wouldn’t comment on any possible plea agreement.

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/ 15 February 2007

Iraq war tests unity among US Muslims

Leaders of the United States Islamic community are fearful that sectarian slaughter tearing Shi’ite and Sunni communities apart in Iraq is testing unity among Muslim immigrants in the US. Imams, analysts and community leaders say the daily round of truck bombings, kidnappings and slaughter pitching former Sunni and Shi’ite neighbours into civil war in Baghdad has raised tension among Muslim immigrants nationwide.

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/ 22 January 2007

Mike Tyson pleads not guilty to drug charges

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson pleaded not guilty on Monday to charges of drug possession and driving under the influence of drugs. Tyson spoke only to give his name and his birth date during the brief hearing before Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Lisa Vandenberg, who entered the plea on Tyson’s behalf.

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/ 30 December 2006

Mike Tyson released after drug arrest

Mike Tyson was released without bond on a drug possession charge on Friday after an early morning arrest in which Buckeye police said it had found two bags of white powder in his back pocket. ”He said he was an addict and had a problem,” according to a police statement filed in Maricopa County Superior Court.

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/ 20 February 2005

South Africans clean up in Mauritius

With the exception of the men’s long race, South African athletes made a clean sweep at the ninth Cross Country Championships of Africa’s southern region at Candos Hill, Mauritius, on Saturday. The races, contested in heavy rain on a muddy course, posed a true obstacle test for the runners of seven countries.