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/ 1 May 2007

Top cop refuses to confirm Woolmer drugging

The top Jamaican police officer investigating the homicide of Pakistan’s cricket coach said on Monday he has not confirmed that Bob Woolmer was incapacitated by a drug before being strangled. The BBC reported that a toxicology test on Woolmer’s body had shown the presence of a drug that would have incapacitated him.

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/ 5 March 2007

As yachts get bigger, so do marinas

As the yachts get bigger and more numerous, the Caribbean is running out of parking space. From the Bahamas in the north to St Lucia in the south, island governments and entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and western Atlantic are developing waterfront property and expanding marinas to handle yachts that range from 24m to longer than a football field.

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/ 16 May 2006

Pentagon hands over list of Guantánamo detainees

After years of secrecy, the Pentagon has disclosed the names, ages and home countries of everyone held at the isolated Guantánamo Bay Naval Base in south-eastern Cuba as a suspect in the United States-led war on terror. The US says it has held 759 males, ranging from teenagers to older than 70, from more than 40 countries, according to the list released late on Monday.

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/ 7 November 2003

Queen of rap: Missy Elliot

She’s the unrivalled queen of rap and the first black female music mogul, so it’s no surprise that Missy Elliott has a reputation as the diva you cross at your peril – in the male-dominated, misogynist world of hip-hop, she needs to be seen to be tough to survive, writes Lindsay Baker in Puerto Rico.