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M&G is most trusted weekly news brand

In a poll by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, based at Oxford University, the Mail & Guardian emerged as the most trusted weekly publication in South Africa

Blatter and Platini banned by Fifa for eight years

Football moguls still in denial, claim unfair treatment and will appeal ruling of ethics committee.

Bob Dylan’s ‘Hard Rain’ lyrics expected to sell for £200 000

The draft of 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall' lyrics contains scribbled revisions and scratchings-out to the song that Dylan recorded in December 1962.

Why the ‘obsession’ with pension cuts, asks Greek PM Tsipras

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sees further pension cuts to low earners as a red line his leftist Syriza party will not cross.

Nigeria oil company overpaid govt $750m – audit

An audit of Nigeria's state oil firm said it overpaid Goodluck Jonathan's government by $750-million, and had not properly accounted for $1.5-billion.

Nepalese dig for quake survivors

The death toll continued to rise in Nepal on Sunday after an earthquake devastated the heavily populated Kathmandu Valley.

Angelina Jolie has ovaries removed over cancer concern

Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie, removes ovaries and fallopian tubes to avoid the risk of ovarian cancer.

Netanyahu wins Israel election after sharp shift to the right

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a come-from-behind victory in Israel's election on Wednesday.

Two officers shot outside Ferguson police HQ after chief quits

Two police officers were shot during a protest, hours after the city's police chief quit following a damning report into his department.

Snap Lesotho election reveals no outright winner

The final results of a vote in Lesotho, called after an alleged coup attempt by the army, show the kingdom is heading for a coalition government.

Thousands protest Boko Haram, support army in Cameroon

Thousands of people marched in Cameroon's capital to protest against Boko Haram's insurgency and support the Cameroon army's fight on the ground.

Oscars: ‘Birdman’ soars to win best picture

"Birdman", "Selma" and "The Theory of Everything" are among the winners at the 87th Academy Awards.

Bradley Cooper surprised by controversy surrounding ‘American Sniper’

The Oscar-nominated actor says he did not foresee "American Sniper" - a film critics say glorifies war - becoming a charged political conversation.

De Kock gets parole but Derby-Lewis’ medical parole rejected

Justice minister says former Vlakplaas commander Eugene de Kock will be released on parole while Clive Derby-Lewis remains behind bars.

Spain: Socialism lags behind in opinion poll

Spain's ruling People's Party leads opinion poll as a survey reveals that 44% of the majority would vote against the newcomer socialists, Podemos.

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Judicial Conduct Committee orders Mogoeng to apologise for his remarks about SA Israel relations

The JCC said that by the chief justice straying into politics, he breached the judicial conduct code and ordered him to issue an apology and retraction

‘Doctors’ wives’ jump Covid queue

Private doctors and civilians have been exploiting gaps in the public health system to get vaccinated

Ithala fails to act against board chairperson over PPE scandal

Morar asked to settle with the state and pay back the profit he made on an irregular tender

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