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Pearls of wisdom hide ugly truths

A study of pink plastic pearls shows that Africa will have to make big sacrifices if its children are to be employed

Region fails to cut it in diamonds

Namibia, Botswana and South Africa did little to halt the collapse of the beneficiation industry.

The curse of cars going cheap

Africans are snapping up cheap, second-hand cars but the Southern African region pays dearly for this.

Customs union inhibits development

South Africa's neighbours are dependent on the union's short-sighted revenue-sharing formula.

The IMF loves, but labour’s still lost

An unusual internal report links shrinking union power to growing inequality – but don't be fooled.

Reel in Botswana’s wild west

Fishing licences for locals and the influx of traders from Zambia and the DRC should be controlled, writes Roman Grynberg.

Africa’s diamantaires in the rough

Low productivity and the concomitant costs are harming the local beneficiation industry.

Diamond trade bleeds the poor

Corruption in the chain artificially raises prices, plumping the pockets of the already rich.

Sweet taste of success for beer exporter

With government help, a Namibian brewery is leaving its Botswana competitor thirsty.

IMF: The making of inequality

What is truly scary about the IMF's income distribution figures, is that Botswana now has a more unequal distribution of income than South Africa.

Indian liberalisation worth buying

Two weeks ago Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took a political gamble in opening the country's retail sector to international competition.

Iron ore find rekindles railway need

If the high-grade deposit in Botswana is verified, the trans-Kalahari rail link could become a reality, writes Roman Grynberg.

A question of business cost

According to the 2012-2013 report, the world's most competitive country is, believe it or not, Switzerland. Huh, you shrug, Switzerland?

SA plays power games with coal

President Jacob Zuma signed a bilateral energy agreement with Botswana President Ian Khama on August 31 to buy coal from that country.

Grain price squeezes Botswana

Not a soul who goes to the supermarket will have failed to notice the rapid rate of price increases of almost all foods in the past 18 months.

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‘Captured’ water utility exec holes up

Thami Hlongwa seems to be in hiding after a blacklisted technology company scored millions from Umgeni Water and the owner was murdered

Q&A Sessions: ‘Media isn’t dying, it’s changing’

Phuti Mahanyele-Dabengwa, chief executive of global internet company Naspers, has held senior posts in investment and development banking. She tells Tshegofatso Mathe about her family life in Soweto and her career, including with Cyril Ramaphosa before he went back to politics

Eight things you need to know about the vaccine rollout

About 80 000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine have arrived in South Africa out of the nine million procured — 300 000 to 500 000 are expected to arrive within two months

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