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/ 17 February 2008

Curtain comes down on Lion King

It was described as the show that couldn’t close, but on Sunday the curtain will finally come down on the <i>Lion King</i>, by far and away South Africa’s most popular stage production. This internationally acclaimed musical entered the South African theatre scene in June last year, and its stay has been extended three times.

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/ 9 January 2008

Soweto retailers report bustling festive season

The hallways were teeming with shoppers — and perhaps those just wanting to be seen — in Soweto’s spanking new Maponya Mall during December. According to mall management, approximately 45 000 people visited the R650-million shopping centre daily. Restaurants such as News Café and Primi Bazala drew in many upmarket young Sowetans.

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/ 18 December 2007

Who is the ANC?

<a href=""><img src="" align=left border=0></a>Membership of the African National Congress has grown to 620 000 members from 416 000 members in 2002. A national conference, the most powerful gathering of the party, is a perfect opportunity to assess who makes up the ANC. Who is the typical ANC member and what do they believe in?

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/ 17 December 2007

The writing’s on the T-shirt

<a href=""><img src="" align=left border=0></a>Thousands of delegates to the ANC’s 52nd national conference converged on Polokwane International Airport on Saturday to register in a cavernous hangar for the event. The regi­stration hangar was a free-for-all for groups supporting either Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma.