Zahira Kharsany

Groundbreaking gender protocol hailed

Gender activists breathed a sigh of relief when a long-delayed gender protocol was signed at the SADC summit in Johannesburg this weekend.

Scrapping prices

Steel prices are set to rise this month, bringing the total increases in some product lines to 72% -- even though scrap metal prices have fallen.

Thousands march in Jo’burg price protest

About 25 000 Cosatu members started marching to Eskom's offices in Johannesburg on Wednesday to protest against rising electricity and food prices.

Cosatu flexes its muscles over rising prices

Tens of thousands of workers downed tools in four provinces on Wednesday to voice their "disgust" with rising living costs.

R1,5bn to keep suspects behind bars

South Africa is spending R1,5billion a year to keep more than 50 000 awaiting-trial detainees behind bars.

New study probes Chinese community in SA

A paradox exists between the growing presence and the continued invisibility of Chinese migrants in South Africa, a study revealed on Tuesday.

Vuvuzelas to boost World Cup spirit

Soccer fans may not only need a ticket to see their favourite teams play in the 2010 World Cup -- earplugs should also come in handy.

Free ride comes to an end

Passengers travelling from areas outside the CBD will now pay two fares, one into the CBD and another for the journey onwards to suburbs such as Bryan

‘No context’

The politician's solution to all public blunders is to claim that his or her words were misinterpreted

Neotel comes to the party

South Africa's second network operator is taking on Telkom in the broadband space

Get going with Rea Vaya

Mugged at a friendly petrol bowser recently? Wasting the precious stuff while keeping your car idling in gridlock?Well, Rea Vaya (we are going), Jo'burg's...

Bertrams waits for nip and tuck

Bertrams, a run-down suburb adjacent to Ellis Park, has been set for a facelift from the day that South Africa was awarded the football World Cup.

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