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/ 8 March 2008

Disgraced sprinter Marion Jones jailed

One-time Olympic superstar Marion Jones on Friday began a six-month jail sentence for lying about her steroid use, a punishment likely to grab the attention of baseball home-run king Barry Bonds. Jones (32) reported to a correctional facility in Fort Worth, Texas, United States Bureau of Prisons spokesperson Traci Billingsley said.

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/ 12 January 2008

Marion Jones gets six months in prison

Disgraced United States sprinter Marion Jones was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday for lying to federal prosecutors about her steroid use, a stunning downfall for the five-time Olympic medalist. US District Court Judge Kenneth Karas imposed the sentence after Jones (32) pleaded guilty to two charges last October.

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/ 16 November 2007

Baseball’s Bonds accused of lying about steroid use

United States baseball home-run king Barry Bonds used steroids to fuel his success and then lied about it, US prosecutors said on Thursday in charging him with perjury and obstruction of justice. The indictment stems from the investigation into the San Francisco Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative whose top figures have already served jail time on steroid distribution charges.

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/ 6 November 2007

Scientists rethink Reich’s orgasm theories

Physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich, best known for his claims of a cosmic life force associated with sexual orgasm, died in federal prison, and the United States government burned many of his books and other publications and destroyed his equipment. But now scientists and other believers are working to advance the psychiatrist’s work.

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/ 13 October 2007

US court gives nod to apartheid claims

A United States appellate court on Friday allowed claims brought by victims of apartheid against dozens of major companies to go forward, saying a lower court erred in ruling it did not have jurisdiction over the matter. The plaintiffs include South Africa’s non-profit Khulumani Support Group.