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/ 25 June 2008

Get going with Rea Vaya

Mugged at a friendly petrol bowser recently? Wasting the precious stuff while keeping your car idling in gridlock? Well, Rea Vaya (we are going), Jo’burg’s new bus expressway, is coming your way. With designated lanes, the expressway is scheduled to operate over 40km in Jo’burg by June next year. The full 330km will be in […]

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/ 23 May 2008

Where Absa’s wall is just a foot away

When you think Facebook you think friends, poking, messaging, writing on walls, uploading pictures and joining groups of people who share a common interest. You do not think Absa. So what on earth is Absa doing on Facebook? The banking giant has created a fan page on the popular social networking site as part of its “Put your best foot forward” campaign.

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/ 8 April 2008

FBJ chief rubbishes SAHRC findings

Abbey Makoe, chairperson of the Forum of Black Journalists (FBJ), has lashed out at a South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) finding regarding a controversial FBJ meeting where white journalists were barred based on the colour of their skin, calling it "nothing more than a judicial ambush" and a "banning order".

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/ 8 March 2008

By bus, train or internet …

Zimbabweans in the diaspora are crucial to preventing a meltdown of Zimbabwe’s economy. It is estimated that more than US$1-billion finds its way into Zimbabwe each year, sent in as hard currency by nationals living abroad, principally in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Zahira Kharsany finds out how it’s done.

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/ 25 February 2008

Tourist guides tap rich vein in Gauteng

Tourist guides from across Gauteng gathered under a hot marquee for the International Tourist Guides’ Day at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg last week — and, for a change, were on the receiving end of an educational tour. "We are who we are through others," were the words of Lungi Morrison, of the Gauteng Tourism Authority.

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/ 31 October 2007

‘SA needs to respect justice and the law’

Crime and violence are a way of life in South Africa and, according to David Bruce of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, respect for justice and the law needs to be fostered. Bruce was speaking at a seminar on <i>The State of Criminal Justice: Building Respect for Justice and Human Rights</i> in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

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/ 28 September 2007

No holds barred at SA’s first Sexpo

Meet Max, the Stud Butler. He’s an oversized, flesh-coloured ventriloquist’s dummy with a bow tie and hard-on — the world’s first hands-free sex toy, available at South Africa’s first sex expo, the Sexpo. However, he won’t fit discreetly into the underwear drawer, and will probably require a cupboard all to himself.

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/ 6 September 2007

SA blogs on the rise

Something is stirring in the South African blogosphere, says electronic-media analyst Arthur Goldstuck. This year will probably be remembered as a time when blogs came of age, with more than 600&nbsp;000 internet users visiting blogs by their fellow South Africans in just one month.