Sharda Naidoo

Sharda Naidoo

    Marcus gives big five banks a hand

    In an unprecedented move to bombproof SA's major lenders, a multibillion-rand emergency fund has been set up to help them weather any liquidity storm.

    MTN whipped, but still a good buy

    Although MTN has been involved in court battles after allegations of corruption surfaced, its share prices hasn't plummeted and profits are certain.

    Row over new securities tax

    Analysts have claimed that billions are at stake and the derivatives market could be destroyed because of the new securities tax touted by government.

    Whistle-blower played an ace

    Inside information from a whistle-blower has played into the hands of Turkcell's long-running legal battle with Iran and MTN.

    Brutal cuts stun Absa staff

    Absa has issued hundreds of staff members with retrenchment notices but it claims it's in the interests of its clients and a more efficient operation.