Sharda Naidoo

MTN’s cash, weapons and diplomatic ties in Iran

A rival company has lodged evidence in a United States court that details how South African company -- MTN -- secured a lucrative deal in Iran.

MTN rocked by Iran licence bribery scandal

A lawsuit filed by Turkcell over a licence in Iran has implicated MTN executives and state officials in an explosive bribery and weapons scandal.

South Africa’s presence ‘drags down Brics’

A leading investment banker says South Africa's gate-crashing of the political bloc defies logic because of the country's lack of economic clout.

The fair share vs greed debate

Governments has a right to be paid its due by companies but excessive demands will scare off investors, says Cyril Ramaphosa and Ivan Glasenberg.

African countries want investment now, not aid later

China's rapid-response approach to investing in Africa means the age of deferred aid is over, says Tony Blair. And the West is determined to catch up.

MTN under pressure to quit Iran

Mobile giant MTN faces calls to disinvest from Iran amid pressure on South Africa from the West as well as amid corruption allegations.

Catching a ride on the minerals train

The ruling party has motioned that Transnet help mining houses by upgrading or building rail infrastructure, which is a cheaper form of transport.

Draft policies are ‘not the final word’

ANC draft policies have apparently been hurriedly watered down to calm investors who were alarmed by leaked reports.

Eskom pays smelters to shut down

Parastatal has to burn money to kill energy-guzzling furnaces as it faces a tight spot in power supply.

Borrowing costs to increase

South Africa's R3.2-trillion infrastructure stimulus could come at a hefty price after Moody's credit rating agency downgraded the big five banks.

Solidarity spells out how mining benefits ‘the people’

Trade union Solidarity has hit out at the state in a new report, pleading the case for mine ownership to be left in private hands.

Reserve Bank’s Gill Marcus not stepping down

Contrary to speculation that Gill Marcus is leaving the Reserve Bank, the "announcement of national importance" on Saturday will be "celebratory".

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