Boko Haram claims responsibility for Abuja blast

Boko Haram has released a video message in which it claims responsibility for a bombing in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, that killed at least 75 people.


UN fears genocide in the CAR

As conditions continue to deteriorate in the Central African Republic, the United Nations says genocide looms in the country.


Child marriage in Malawi: The reality

Due to cultural pressure and poverty, half the women in Malawi are married before their 18th birthday – some as young as 10 years old.


Kenya's e-waste soldiers of ill fortune

Most of Kenya's fastest growing manufacturing waste is not from there. Containing precious metals and lethal toxins, is e-waste worth the risk?


Senegal's cancer patients: Abandoned in agony

Senegalese patients with advanced cancer have been suffering with severe pain due to morphine shortages. Human Rights Watch investigates why.


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