Nigeria: Suspected Boko Haram militants attack major city

Just after midnight on Sunday ?suspected Boko Haram militants began attacking Maiduguri. The militants began the attack in the Njimtilo area.



Malawi and Mozambique in deep waters

Aid is desperately needed in Malawi and Mozambique following flash floods, which have destroyed vast tracts of crops and left hundreds of thousands homeless.


World mourns Paris while Boko Haram attacks escalate

Boko Haram has escaped scrutiny, with many criticising the lack of emphasis placed on African tragedies as the world focused on the 17 dead in Paris.


More forced evictions in Swaziland

Family homes are being destroyed under the orders of King Mswati III, to make land available for a Science, Innovation and Biotechnology Park.


Child of war

In a compelling interview with the M&G, an ex-child soldier from the DRC shares his story of abduction, fighting in the war and his escape to SA.


Swaziland royal family replace chief, torture opposition

Footage obtained alleges that the Swazi royal family have forcibly replaced a local chief with a family member, torturing any who oppose them.


Child marriage and FGM in Tanzania

HRW calls on Tanzania to set the minimum age for marriage at 18, following an investigation into high levels of child marriage and FGM in the country.


Boko Haram victims speak out

HRW interviews with victims of Boko Haram abductions in Nigeria reveal forced marriages and religious conversions, physical and psychological abuse.

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