Paranoid Dos Santos government jails dissenters

Analysts have said a series of court trials in Angola were designed to silence opposition to President José dos Santos.



Detained for a dream: Inhumane treatment in Malawi's prisons

Hundreds of African foreign nationals are detained in Malawi’s central prisons for months on end while trying to make the challenging journey to South Africa.


Former Chadian dictator faces justice

Former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré, who is accused of tens of thousands of political killings and torture, will finally stand trial this month.


Does the Namib desert hold secrets to life on other planets?

Researchers are looking at organisms thriving in the extreme environment of the Namib to predict what kind of life we could find on other planets.


Voices from the Camps: Elvira

Elvira Modesero fled civil conflict in Burundi for SA. She has been living in a displacement camp in Durban since the March xenophobic attacks.


Voices from the camps: Dolly and Gloria

Nine-year-old Dolly, staying in a temporary camp, doesn't understand xenophobia – but like hundreds of children, she bears the brunt all the same.


Swaziland's judiciary: A monarchical crisis

This short documentary reveals how Swaziland's High Court sent an editor and a human rights lawyer to prison over articles critical of the judiciary.


More forced evictions in Swaziland

Family homes are being destroyed under the orders of King Mswati III, to make land available for a Science, Innovation and Biotechnology Park.


Child of war

In a compelling interview with the M&G, an ex-child soldier from the DRC shares his story of abduction, fighting in the war and his escape to SA.