Oh yes -- he did

Jonathan Freedland

The inauguration was brimming with tradition -- just the platform for a president who could be truly transformational, writes Jonathan Freedland.

The speech that launched a nation

Staff Reporter

After being sworn in as the 44th and first black US president on Tuesday, Barack Obama powered his way through a rousing 20-minute speech.

Israeli army says Gaza pullout complete

Staff Reporter

Israeli troops completed on Wednesday their withdrawal from the Gaza Strip after a 22-day offensive against the Islamist Hamas movement.

Baring all for Obama

Staff Reporter

A nudist club near Washington DC is offering to bail out people stuck for accommodation during the inaugural period of President-elect Barack Obama.

Oprah for ambassador?

Mandy Rossouw

According to the diplomatic rumour mill in Pretoria, Obama is looking at Oprah Winfrey as the next United States ambassador to South Africa.

Oprah for ambassador?

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