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Rosatom: The small office with an apparently big influence in RSA’s looming nuke deal

It's an office that's more accessible than you'd expect. Ferial Haffajee writes for amaBhungane.

DA posters: progressive or naïve?

Is the absence of men in the DA election posters alienating? Verashni Pillay and City Press editor Ferial Haffajee go head-to-head on the issue.

A step backwards

Ferial Haffajee on Zille: while the ANC Youth League's statements against her were pathetically patriarchal, so are her action and her words.

How Snuki sank the SABC

The SABC is out of cash and is sitting on a deficit of almost R800-million. The public broadcaster is also seeking a bail-out of R1.5-billion.

State of the state — the voters have spoken

Under president Thabo Mbeki, the private sector was disengaged and disenchanted, despite being included in several presidential working groups.

The face of patronage

Gauteng Health MEC Brian Hlongwa is too close to power and there are systemic problems with any attempt to cut graft, writes Ferial Haffajee.

Political shifts threaten BEE

Black business is going into this election more politically diverse than it has been since the end of apartheid, writes Ferial Haffajee.

Where will SA be in 2025?

Ferial Haffajee: Possibly one of the finest public documents yet published, the 2025 Scenarios paint three states of our nation in 16 years.

‘We had one of those’

What, I wonder, has become of the audacity of our hope? Could it possibly be true that nations get the leaders they deserve?

Z-man meets Z-man

Pirates of Polokwane is not only a fun stocking-filler but the work that will mark the year in which Zapiro became our imbongi.

Can Helen overcome history?

DA leader Helen Zille appropriates non-racialism as the ANC sheds it.

Prepare for life after Trevor

By this time next year Finance Minister Trevor Manuel will most likely not be in office, writes Ferial Haffajee.

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