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More needs to be done to fulfil Luther King’s dream, says Obama

US President Barack Obama has called on Americans to further Martin Luther King Jr's dream on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Obama meets privately with Nelson Mandela relatives

US President Barack Obama has met the family of his "inspiration" Nelson Mandela but decided not to visit the former SA president in hospital.

US military filters access to UK Guardian’s NSA content

The US Army members have confirmed that access to the Guardian's UK website has been filtered and restricted, reports Russia Today.

Obama to face Palestinian dismay in West Bank

Barack Obama will travel to the West Bank Thursday to meet Palestinian leaders dismayed by his failure to make good on soaring expectations for peace.

Obama heads to Israel to ease past tension

Barack Obama has headed to Israel on a mission to soothe tensions with his hosts but faces scepticism about his plans to thwart Iran's nuclear threat.

US: Drone strikes are legal, ethical and wise

The White House has defended drone strikes against al-Qaeda, insisting they complied with US law and the Constitution, even if Americans are targeted.

Obama hopes for no ‘ramping up’ of Gaza crisis

US President Barack Obama on Sunday said it was "preferable" for the Gaza crisis to be ended without a "ramping up" of Israeli military action.

Obama makes history again with certain re-election

Projections have shown Barack Obama will be re-elected president, beating Mitt Romney despite slow economic recovery and high unemployment in the US.

Obama races back to White House as hurricane looms

US President Barack Obama raced back to the White House on Monday ahead of Hurricane Sandy, which threw election endgame plans into turmoil.

Romney’s latest gaffe weighs on push for women’s votes

A clumsy comment by Mitt Romney about compiling binders full of women has gone viral in a bizarre twist of a possibly decisive duel for female voters.

Obama bets Republicans lose by trashing hope

President Barack Obama will this week look Americans in the eye and say he deserves four more White House years despite national economic despondency.

Romney breathing down Obama’s neck

He has been mocked as rich and out of touch -- but Mitt Romney still has a genuine shot to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

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