“Be seen.” You can be an example to those who follow in your footsteps. Open those doors for others and hand over the key to the next.


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Media  personality, philanthropist and entrepreneur Carol Hobbs, 35, who works at RISE fm and YOUFM, raises awareness about critical social issues, such as poverty, inequality and gender-based violence In her 18 years in the radio industry she has created content and presented it, and has worked on morning and afternoon drive shows and chat shows.

She has used her voice to advocate for marginalised communities and to amplify their stories, shedding light on their struggles and promoting empathy and understanding among her audiences. Through her media engagements, Carol has fostered dialogue, encouraged conversations, and initiated debates, challenging societal norms and promoting inclusivity.

She has established successful businesses that have provided jobs and livelihoods to numerous individuals, thereby driving social change through economic empowerment. Through her collaboration with various organisations, government bodies and NGOs, Carol has helped to drive social change at a systemic level.

She has been involved in policy advocacy, community development and social innovation, working towards creating a more just and equitable society. Carol says what drives her to excel is people. “I find it fascinating how we think. How we interact. I always want to know beyond my surroundings. Be able to understand the human mind of different ages. I strive by wanting to be better each and every day. Challenge myself outside of my comfort zone.”

  • Media Studies and Journalism, Wits
  • BeD, Unisa

No awards thus far. Hoping this could be my first of many. It’s rather tricky to be even nominated in my industry if your social media accounts are not 500 000 or more. Forgetting that other personalities achieve more on the ground, maintaining the human element of radio.

The first call I made to Twasa on Lesedi FM. I was in matric. She marked my interest in radio even more after she said, “I have the personality and voice for radio.” I actually stole the phone to make that call, lol. Got into trouble for not asking to use the house phone.

Take the leap when it comes to your dreams. Nothing is impossible. You are able to do and be whoever you want to be.

Peaceful, unified and groundbreaking.

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