“Don’t confuse movement with progress.” — Denzel Washington.



University of Johannesburg

Cayle Lupton is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). By the age of 27, he obtained LLB, LLM and LLD degrees from UJ. He also obtained a certificate in Trade Finance Compliance from the London Institute of Banking and Finance. A leading academic, he aims to contribute to the resolution of specific legal problems in a way that can be easily digested and understood. “This enables my research to be of practical value,” he says. Cayle is also an attorney of the high court of South Africa and a certified anti-money laundering specialist. Some of his achievements include contributing numerous academic papers to prestigious law journals, including US journals; presenting academic papers at various (international and national) conferences; representing large governmental and non-governmental institutions while in legal practice; and on a pro bono basis, provided legal advice to the Boys Brigade of South Africa. On a personal level, Cayle takes pride in his role as husband and father, and as a mentor to many individuals seeking career advice. He demonstrates his commitment to uplifting the community by participating in and organising community activities and events, especially for the activities of the church he fellowships at.

  • LLB (honours degree in law), University of Johannesburg, 2018
  • LLM in Commercial Law (masters degree in law), University of Johannesburg, 2019
  • Certificate in Trade Finance Compliance, London Institute of Banking and Finance, 2021
  • LLD (doctoral degree in law), University of Johannesburg, 2023

  • Admitted as an attorney of the high court of South Africa at 23
  • Certified as an anti-money laundering specialist in 2021 by US-based institution, ACAMS 
  • Completed a doctorate in law at the age of 27 
  • Presented papers at national and international conferences
  • Published various articles on key legal issues in the area of banking law

As a child, my father believed that the best way to encourage his children to pursue extra mural activities was for him to actively participate in those activities, even if he had no desire or the means to do so. In retrospect, his dedication and commitment to the cause were inspiring and left a notable impression on my life. Accordingly, I have applied these values to every aspect of my life. It is values such as these, I believe, that enables one to achieve success.

Do not pay too much attention to the naysayers. Your dreams are valid irrespective of what they may think. However, the influences you allow in your life will contribute to whether you achieve those dreams. Focus on positivity, love, joy, and peace and those dreams will become a reality.

A truly united nation. I yearn for a South Africa that is not divided by politics and race. I yearn for a South Africa where all are welcome to contribute to its development. Most importantly, I yearn for a South Africa where our differences are valued, rather than disparaged.

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