“My people perish because of lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4 verse 6

Bafentse Belinda Mabasa



Organisation / Company

Limpopo Department of Education


Bafentse Belinda Mabasa, 26, is a grade three teacher in a deep rural area of Sebayeng in Polokwane. As an educator, she ensures that her learners experience the world from their classroom through technology by focusing on educating teachers and students about coding and robotics — without the use of technology. She has trained more than 200 teachers in coding and robotics.

Her journey in educating other teachers began after she was involved in a programme aimed at educating others in the field of coding and robotics. Through this experience, she found that her passion lies in training teachers to teach subjects that pave the way into a future of technology. At school, she is also the financial officer, coding and robotics teacher and the education management information systems officer.

Mabasa possesses a bachelor of education in foundation phase from the University of Johannesburg. She believes teaching methods are changing, and says new methodologies and pedagogy are exciting for the teaching profession. Mabasa is also working on a project called Boy Child, which focuses on teaching troubled boys how to read and write.


Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase, University of Johannesburg


I am going to showcase Unplugged: Coding and Robotics. This project focuses on teaching teachers how to code and the foundation of robotics without the use of technology. I have trained more than 200 teachers, many of whom are not willing to learn, some just find it difficult having to teach in a completely new way than they used to. Coding and robotics are not just a subject but can be infused into all subjects to make learning fun and meaningful. We must be prepared to be able to prepare learners for this 4th industrial world.


Tabane Ruth. This teacher has carried me everywhere she went and showed me how to do things. Her leadership skills are amazing. I am grateful to her for having introduced me to unplugged coding and robotics.