“Everything is possible with a positive mind and attitude. It is all in your hands to make it work for you.”

Lebo Trudy Rashijane



Organisation / Company

University of Limpopo/ TruCam Ultimate Support


Lebo Trudy Rashijane, 27, is a PhD student in animal production at the University of Limpopo and the director of the nonprofit organisation the TruCam Ultimate Support. Her project, which specialises in animal genomics, focuses on goat genomics and the commercialising of goat meat in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. In her academic career, she has authored and co-authored more than 15 scientific publications.

Her educational background has assisted her in founding TruCam Ultimate Support, which aims to empower youth in Limpopo through various community initiatives and expose them to different career paths. Lebo aims to bridge the gap between the scientific world and reality by educating people on the benefits of science, especially in the agricultural sector. She is currently involved in the Agricultural Research Centre Professional Development Programme.

Through her experiences, she has learnt that every day is a learning day and that working together with others yields better results than doing it individually.


BSc in Animal Production, University of Limpopo
MSc in Animal Production (specialising in Animal breeding & Genetics), University of Limpopo


Throughout my academic journey, I managed to have over 15 scientific publications under my name, both as the main author and co-author. This has boosted my confidence in the science industry, to a point where I have managed to get international collaboration and won multiple awards while giving back to the community. This has opened many doors for me personally and academically.

I can preach the importance of going to school and working hard to our beneficiaries in the organisation in confidence having proof of what the outcomes do to an individual. What I have learnt is that every day is a learning day and working together with others yields better results than doing it individually. There’s always new to learn in a collaboration than being entitled to only what you know.


My master’s supervisor has been my mentor. Since I met him, he has made me believe in myself again and regain my confidence. Since then I have been the game changer I have always needed in my life.