“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs

Esrom Sekhu


Mining & Manufacturing

Organisation / Company

Anglo American


Esrom Sekhu, 28, has two interests that have little to do with each other. He is a commercial analyst at Anglo American and he wants to become a livestock farmer. Esrom has more than five years of experience across business consulting management, supply chain and civil engineering in the transportation, logistics and mining sectors. His responsibilities include data analytics and reporting, strategy formulation, continuous improvement, cost reduction, compliance assurance and stakeholder engagement. Committed to safety and quality, he transforms data into actionable business insights and ensures timely project delivery. As an entrepreneur, Esrom has employed people and says he has ambitions to create more jobs, particularly for the youth. He says one of his most notable achievements was employing a person who had been jobless for two years. Seeing how this changed the man’s life has inspired him to expand this venture. His biggest challenge as a small business owner is attracting clients. He battled to gain clients’ trust when large companies had more influence, experience and resources. Esrom tackles this by being persistent, building strong relationships and delivering a good service.


Master’s in Civil Engineering (current), University of Johannesburg
BTech in Civil Engineering, University of Johannesburg


Through my small business, I was able to provide a stable income for an unemployed person, enabling him to support his family. Witnessing the positive effect on his life and his ability to cater for his family has been incredibly motivating. This experience has fuelled my ambition to grow the business further and have a more significant effect in our society.
The key lesson I learned from this achievement is that turning an idea into action can significantly contribute to the economy and address social problems like unemployment. Additionally, this experience has taught me that as a young entrepreneur, we should never underestimate our potential; the world is waiting for our innovative minds and creative ideas. It reinforced the importance of entrepreneurship and the difference it can make in people’s lives and the broader community.


Yes, my mentor, who started a bus business from scratch and turned it into a successful enterprise has influenced my journey. Their perseverance and innovative approach inspired me to start my own business. Their success story demonstrated the power of resilience, strategic thinking and hard work motivating me to pursue my ambitions despite the difficulties.