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Mohammed Razaa Sabi


Mining & Manufacturing

Organisation / Company

SLR Consulting


As a specialised professional civil and tailings engineer, Mohammed Razaa Sabi, 35, is responsible for the design, construction, management and monitoring of tailings storage facilities. Tailings, the by-products of mining operations, consist of soil, ground rock and process effluents left over after mineral extraction. Managing these materials safely is critical to preventing environmental contamination and ensuring the stability of storage facilities. His work also involves recycling water to reduce pollution during mining. Mohammed oversees construction, conducts inspections and implements monitoring systems to ensure safety and compliance with environmental regulations. Additionally, he performs risk assessments, develops mitigation strategies and prepares emergency response plans. It is essential that he stays updated with advancements in tailings management technology so that safety and efficiency is improved. Mohammed is proud of his role in enforcing environmental and water quality preservation measures. Among other things, he is designing two double compartment dams so that the water can be reused at the mine instead of having fresh or municipal water polluted and lost to the mining process.


Professional Engineer (Pr Eng), Engineering Council of South Africa
BEng Civil Engineering (Honours), University of Johannesburg


One of my proudest achievements is becoming one of fewer than 19,000 registered engineers with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). Additionally, I am one of fewer than 500 tailings engineers in the country, and possibly one of the very few, if not the only one, who also holds an RPC drone licence. This unique combination of qualifications has allowed me to make significant contributions to the industry.
One notable project was the design and construction of a water dam for an Anglo Platinum facility in Zimbabwe. This project not only enhanced the facility’s operational efficiency but also ensured the protection of local water resources and the surrounding environment.
From my experience, I learnt the importance of integrating advanced technology, such as drones, in engineering projects to achieve more precise and efficient outcomes. Moreover, I gained a deeper understanding of the critical role that environmental sustainability plays in engineering. This project reinforced my commitment to designing solutions that balance industrial needs with environmental stewardship.


Yes, my late father (Abdul Aziz Sabi). The most important lesson he taught me was how to rise when you hit rock bottom; it always makes for a great foundation as long as you keep moving forward. And Gary Vaynerchuk taught me to be relentless when pursuing my goals but also how to lead with empathy and kindness.