“All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Haydn Henning


Tourism & Hospitality

Organisation / Company

LIFT Airline


Haydn Henning, 27, is the brand manager at airline company Lift. He is responsible for executing the personality of the airline by ensuring it is consistently presented across all channels, including advertising, marketing, social media, and customer communications. Haydn conducts market research and analyses data to stay informed about market trends, customer preferences, and the competitive landscape. He is the driving force behind the “upLift SA” programme which aims to uplift South Africans by providing them with opportunities and a platform to excel. In partnership with Proudly South Africa, Haydn held a fashion show on a flight where the country’s top and upcoming fashion designers presented their newest collection. He has also hosted two silent discos on a flight, the first one launched the career of Divine Mahara and the second with Zolani Mahola. In collaboration with Zolani, he produced the Lift Anthem, a song about hope for South African children. Haydn holds a bachelor of music from the University of Cape Town. He blended his passion for music and aviation to inspire others to dream beyond their qualifications. Haydn looks forward to the aviation industry adopting sustainable aviation and greener practices.


Bachelors of Music, University of Cape Town


I am proud of our “upLIFT SA” programme where it has been my goal to uplift South Africans and give them opportunities and a platform to excel. Many industries were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the arts. Creating and implementing this programme has allowed thousands of South African artists to not only get from point A to B across the country but also give them a physical platform to show their talents. Together with Proudly South Africa, I’ve held a fashion show on a flight where the country’s top and upcoming fashion designers presented their newest collection. I’ve hosted two silent discos on a flight which launched the careers of Divine Mahara and Zolani Mahola who is currently pursuing a solo career. Together with Zolani, I worked on producing the LIFT Anthem, which is a song about hope for children in South Africa.

Along with artists, I am constantly looking for ways to support local industries and making sure that our passengers are exposed to South African brands, including Vida e Caffe, Khayelitsha Cookies, Veldskoen, Grumpy Snacks and more.


Richard Branson. I am in awe of his innovative thinking, resilience and tenacity, social impact and brand building of the Virgin Group. Closer to home, I am immensely proud to be working for Gidon Novick who is a veteran in the aviation industry in South Africa. His advice is magical!