“The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.” — Tony Robbins

Lettah Sikhosana


Climate Change & Environment

Organisation / Company

Unisa: College of Education in the Department of Science and Technology Education


Lettah Sikhosana, 29, is a senior lecturer and postgraduate studies representative at Unisa in the department of science and technology education. She is the primary lecturer for the environmental education module and supervises master’s and doctoral students doing research in areas such as environmental education, education for sustainable development, solid waste management, climate change education and science education.

Lettah is also responsible for managing and leading the master’s and doctoral portfolio as the departmental postgraduate representative. In addition, she is a project leader for the Competitive Support for Unrated Researchers (CSUR) award from the National Research Foundation and the co-investigator for the Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers (CPRR) grant. Lettah’s most proud of work she did during her doctoral studies, where she developed and implemented a strategy for managing solid waste at primary schools in the Nkangala district of Mpumalanga.

Lettah is now leading the project to implement the system at 10 more schools in the district. What excites her about her work is that it aligns with the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals.


  • PhD in Education (Environmental Education), Unisa
  • Master of Education in Environmental Education, Unisa
  • Honours BEd in Environmental Education, Unisa
  • BEd in Senior and Further Education, Unisa
  • Training phases, cum-laude, Unisa


During my doctoral research, I developed and implemented a strategy for managing solid waste generated by schools in the Nkangala district of Mpumalanga. This strategy, named the Sustainable Intervention Strategy for Solid Waste Management through Partnership (SISS-WMP), was implemented in several primary schools, allowing me to complete my PhD in Education in two years. As a result of this achievement, I was honoured with the 2022 Vice-Principal: Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation & Commercialisation Women in Research Award for the Youngest Female Doctoral Graduate at Unisa 2023 Research and Innovation Awards. I am currently leading a project to implement the SISS-WMP in 10 schools in the Nkangala district of Mpumalanga. Additionally, I have been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Vice-Principal: Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation and Commercialisation Award for Excellence in Research – Women in Research (WiR) Emerging Researcher Award, which will be presented on 7 June. The attainment of these accomplishments has provided me with invaluable insights into the importance of time management, discipline, teamwork and collaboration in the pursuit of goals.


I have two mentors who have influenced my journey: Professor AV Mudau and Professor SB Msezane. They are also my colleagues in the Unisa Department of Science and Technology Education. My mentors have motivated me to always be prepared for any opportunities that may arise and to seize them with both hands.