“Trust God and don’t sleep on yourself.” — Robot Boii

Robot Boii


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Robot Boii (Pty) Ltd


Mzwakhe Mbuli, 32, known by his stage name, Robot Boii, is a performer. He is well known for being the presenter of the Lockdown House Party and won the 2023 Trace Africa Award for Best Dancer in Africa. The young artist has called his accomplishments “surreal” and added that he will continue working to inspire the next generation of artists to not fall into stereotypes faced by young men. Robot was a graphic student before he discovered his passion for music and production and soon became a talent in the South African music industry. Some of his hits include Salary Salary, Uxolo and Mwagia Ndani Read through which he has captivated his audiences with his performances and infectious beats. Because of his growing social media presence, he was recently launched as the new face of the fragrance brand Axe.

Robot has been challenged by limited resources but he does not allow it to hinder his progress. With inspiration from DJ Sbu, Zoya 7 and his father, Mzwakhe Mbuli, a prominent figure in South Africa’s cultural landscape, Robot wishes to create a legacy in the entertainment industry on his own.



Midrand Graphic Institute


Winning the Trace Africa Award for Best Dancer in Africa, which I received in 2023. My achievements are just from applying God-given talent, so everything I do is God’s favour and the opportunity I have to express myself on different platforms and with different skills and talents.


I don’t really have mentors in my life, but I’ve had spiritual leaders in my life like Carl Dinkelman in my early years of varsity. But being able to work alongside people like DJ Sbu and Zola 7, as well as my father, has had a huge effect on my life.