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Critique of Herman Mashaba is unwarranted

If the former mayor was capable of accomplishing all that he did under two oppressive regimes, his potential in an independent party is almost unimaginable, writes Angelo Ryan.

Herman Mashaba wants you to forget

When considering Herman Mashaba’s new political plans, the South African public must reckon with the former mayor of Johannesburg's actual record

Herman Mashaba still scot-free as attacks erupt

The Jo’burg mayor’s contentious remarks about foreigners ‘can’t be brushed off’, some insist

​Bigots like Donald Trump and Herman Mashaba fuel hatred

Immigrants, illegal of not, will continue to traverse the globe in search of a better life

Herman Mashaba defends his comments stating “illegal” immigrants are criminals

Herman Mashaba blames the government for crime in Johannesburg, saying that they had been ineffective in implementing law and order.

​#Mashaba100Days: 5 changes Mayor Herman Mashaba has planned for Johannesburg

So how exactly will Joburg’s new mayor save the city? These are just 5 of the changes Mashaba has planned.

Graffiti and Herman Mashaba’s bid to erase public art histories

Bylaws in SA’s major metros are killing off an art form that marginalised people could call their own

Herman Mashaba agrees to pay City of Jo’burg’s ANC deployees to stay at home

Mashaba's office has indicated that it does not want to use stakeholder management advisers appointed by former mayor Parks Tau.

Herman Mashaba’s A-team: Controversial backgrounds of Jo’burg mayor’s committee

Members of Jo’burg’s new mayoral committee have raised eyebrows with their curious antics.

Cosatu threatens to ‘shut down’ Johannesburg if Herman Mashaba privatises Pikitup

Cosatu has declared that it will challenge any attempts by Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba to privatise Pikitup.

Herman Mashaba elected Johannesburg mayor, marking the end of ANC rule in the city

The DA has reshaped the political landscape of South Africa following victories in Tshwane and Johannesburg.

What does new Jo’burg mayor Herman Mashaba stand for?

Herman Mashaba says he’ll make Johannesburg a business-friendly city if he is elected mayor in the upcoming municipal elections.

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