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Ethiopian Airlines boss says Boeing MAX jet ‘reliable’

The aircraft was grounded in 2019 after two fatal crashes, but Ethiopian Airlines reintroduced it to the air in February

Atrocities on the rise in Ethiopia

A video of a man being burned alive should shock the world into action to end the 15-month civil war in which acts of cruelty take place on all sides

Facebook accused of letting ‘activists’ incite hatred and ethnic killings in Ethiopia

Fact checkers, journalists, civil society organisations and human rights activists say Facebook’s support is inadequate. The company has known for years that it helps to fuel tensions in the country.

Wounds of war cast pall on Ethiopia’s epiphany festival

Festivities were stained with signs of the war's toll: Gondar's hospitals teemed with wounded combatants, while families like Arega's confronted the absence of the deceased.

What Afcon means for Ethiopia

Players in the national team hope taking part in the tournament will buoy the hopes for a peaceful resolution of the Tigray conflict and also boost their chances of getting wider recognition.

TPLF rebels announce retreat towards Ethiopia’s Tigray

The move marks a major reversal by the rebels, who previously dismissed the government's insistence on their withdrawal from Afar and Amhara as "an absolute non-starter" for talks to begin.

Facebook fails to curb the spread of hate speech in Ethiopia

Most of Facebook’s features are designed to maximise meaningful social Interaction, which means the algorithm promotes extreme content

Ethiopia detains 72 World Food Programme drivers

A United Nations spokesperson said the latest detentions had occurred in the capital of Afar province, on the only functional road leading into famine-threatened Tigray.

Mass arrests of Tigrayans sow fear in Ethiopia

Far from Ethiopia war front, mass arrests ensnare fearful Tigrayans

UN rights chief decries ‘extreme brutality’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict

Michelle Bachelet insisted on the need to bring perpetrators of a vast array of rights abuses to justice

Open Letter: Ethiopia needs a political — not a military — solution to end the devastating civil war

Retributive justice merely leads to generational cycles of violence. And the civilians continue to be subjected to rape, torture, death and illegal detentions

Five reasons Ethiopia’s elections will do more harm than good

The vote is likely to inflame existing tensions in the country

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